Q Onboarding in 5 Minutes

Install MetaMask

First install the browser add-on 'MetaMask'. After successful installation, add a custom network and enter the Q network configuration details that are documented within MetaMask tutorial. Finally, create two new accounts so you can later send Q tokens from one to another.

Get your first Q

Q tokens will be made available shortly for public sale.

Verify Q Funding

Once you have funded your wallet account, open MetaMask and select the according wallet account. It should now have received a couple of Q's and should display an according balance.

Send Q

Within MetaMask, click on "send", then "transfer between my accounts" and select the second wallet account you just created. Finish the transaction and wait for the entered amount of Q to be transferred from account to account. You can verify the transaction within the Q block explorer located at https://explorer.q.org. You can of course send Q to any other wallet address you know.

Earn Rewards

Now open a new tab and head over to https://hq.q.org. If you have MetaMask still activated and connected to Q mainnet, you should be browsing the Q decentralised app that allows users to excercise governance rights, earn rewards on Q tokens or do some saving and borrowing with Q DeFi.