Root Node Rewards

Root nodes serve as the "watchdogs" of the constitution and represent a small, highly committed subset of members within the Q ecosystem.

Philosophy Behind Root Node Rewards

While it's important for these outstanding members to have "skin in the game," the eligibility for this role, as well as the rewards generated, must be based on merit rather than financial means. Therefore, while root nodes are required to commit a significant stake, the amount of this stake does not influence their rewards. This means that every member of the root node panel earns the same rewards, irrespective of their stake. This uniform reward distribution also means that delegation to root nodes is not possible.

Reward Distribution

The maximum number of root node panel members is determined by the constitutional parameter maxNRootNodes. Because all root nodes earn the same rewards, any rewards allocated to the root nodes by the Default Allocation Proxy are evenly shared among all root nodes.

Current Parameters

Currently, the maxNRootNodes parameter is set at 27, and root nodes collectively share 20% of the total Q rewards. This amounts to approximately 216 Q tokens (QGOV) per hour. Assuming the root node panel is full, each root node would earn 8 Q tokens (QGOV) per hour.