Unlocking Address on Node

This brief tutorial demonstrates how to manually unlock your account by password prompt upon node start.

Variables in Example

Variable Name Description
ubuntu username on your server
example.com hostname or ip address of your server
miner/ path to the specific node content (e.g. /path_to/validator/)
keystorefile encrypted file containing the private key required for unlocking


First, deploy keystorefile to server (can be skipped if node is run locally).

$ scp ./keystorefile ubuntu@example.com:miner/keystore/

Then connect to your server by ssh and change to node directory

$ ssh ubuntu@example.com
$ cd miner

Then manually enter the password for decryption of your keystore (where 0x123abc...f is the address from keystore file you deployed)

$ docker-compose exec node geth attach --datadir /data --exec personal.unlockAccount('0x123abc...f')

Using of ready Script

./reset-passwd.sh -d example.com -r miner -l ./keystorefile