How to be an Expert in an Expert Panel


Any Q token holder can act as an expert in an expert panel dedicated to a special topic. In order to become an expert, a Q token holder needs to be proposed to enter a panel and needs to be voted in. Please have a look at the according governance tutorial to learn more on proposals and voting mechanisms in Q.

Proposal Creation

Once you have locked tokens, you can nominate yourself to become an expert. Alternatively, someone else can propose you to become an expert. To do this, go to Governance section, then within the Expert Proposals tab, select Create proposal. In the process of creation, select Add new expert, enter your address and external link with a description of your proposal. After paying the transaction fee and confirming the creation of the proposal, the voting stages begin.


At the first stage of voting, the value of the quorum of votes (number of participating voters) must be more than a threshold, e.g. 5%. Then the first stage of voting will be passed and it depends on the majority decision of all participants. If a quorum threshold is not reached, the proposal will be rejected even if the majority of participants voted in favor of the proposal. When quorum threshold and majority are reached and the time to vote has passed as well, the veto phase begins.

Root nodes can submit a veto to halt the proposal in case they see it not in line with the constitution. The veto becomes effective after a majority threshold is reached, e.g. if more than 50% of the root nodes vetoed.

After the voting is successful, press the "Execute" button, thereby activating the proposal and enforcing the new state on the blockchain. After the successful confirmation of the transaction, you should be part of the expert panel.

Expert’s Capabilities

As mentioned earlier, an expert can control the values ​​of various parameters in the network. To do this, create a vote in the expert panel, in which you need to select the parameter vote change. Next, you need to select the panel, the type of parameter, and enter a special name for the parameter. After entering these values, you need to enter a new value for the parameter being changed. Upon successful confirmation of the fee payment, a new proposal will be published.