Updating Q-Client & Docker Images

In case of severe updates of the Q-Client, you will be required to update the validator files and configs. To do so, within directory /validator (for validator), /rootnode (for rootnode) or /fullnode (for fullnode), use the following commands.

Check your docker-compose.yaml

If you set up your node on the early stages your config can be outdated. To keep it up-to-date without pulling new releases of the mainnet-public-tools check your docker-compose.yaml file and modify it if necessary:

  • remove node-init service
  • remove "--network=35441" flag (don't forget to remove comma after it also) Screenshot

Update Q-client image

  • Change the docker image directly in your .env file:

NOTE: the tag naming convention has been changed to include a v in the version tag. So, make sure to enter "...q-client:v1.3.9".

  • Pull (and overwrite) the latest docker image
$ docker-compose pull
  • Restart with new configs & images
$ docker-compose down -t 60 && docker-compose up -d

Now your validator node should restart and synchronise with the mainnet again.